To Life!

Yesterday January 30, 2017 one of my facebook friends passed away. She was not only my facebook friend, she was my relative. We lost touch for many years and then facebook and our children reunited us. She was sick for many years, but I thought that since she lives in the country with the best medicine in the world, she has lots of years ahead of her. She was only one year older then I am.

She was very helpful to me when I had my first child a year after she had her first. I will never forget her kindness. She was the person of Light, if I could describe her in one word. I still got her emails to reread later when I get over of her passing and interesting articles to read, which she sent to me, some of them I didn’t have time to read: so many things to read, so little time! Now I feel guilty that I didn’t read them all immediately after she sent them to me and we could discuss it. Now she is not here to talk about it…

Now the most important thing why I decided to write about her passing: she lived her life not only for her, but for her two sisters, who were killed in Holocaust because they were Jewish, one was a newborn and the other 6 years old. Their father was very strong and healthy and survived the other concentration camp and remarried after the war…

It is very pointed for me that G-D called her home so close to Holocaust Remembrance Day. Now they are together.

Until we met again, my friend, Faina.


6 thoughts on “To Life!

  1. I loved your commemorative remarks on your good friend and relative. She is now resting in peace with no more pain and sickness and in God’s loving hands.
    Best to you Elena and your family. God Bless You!


      1. I hear you Elena. I have so many regrets in my life. There’s so much I would have changed.

        But that’s what life is all about, we connect and lose touch with people all the time. I’m sure she loved you as much as you love her.

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  2. May you, in your time, meet and dwell with Faina, family, friends, and King David (as he wrote in the last words of the 23d Psalm), in the house of the Lord forever. If you turn to Yeshua, baruch Hashem; if not, continue in your love for Him. The best days for the remnant are ahead, and they will be far better than you can imagine; Jews will be blessed for enduring. Not commonly mentioned is the fact that all humanity will become a remnant. Zechariah 12 through 14 explains much.

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