My thoughts about us, Jewish people, spirituality.

I suspect that there were civilizations on Earth before us and they probably knew much more then we do about how our reality works…Our nuclear physicists started just now discovering really magical world of our reality… Big bang is just a theory…Maybe Cosmos was always there…Or maybe our reality just a computer program run by creator…
I love metaphysics, spirituality, those make me really happy. I am not into religion, but into spirituality…
Life is such a mystery…And a very exciting mystery.
I hope that after we pass, real life adventures will start. We probably in the very low grade school here on Earth…At the same time we live in such an interesting time and there are lot’s of enjoyment and possibilities to learn for people in civilized countries now. That is why, I think, that I could not be THAT lucky to be born in our time, I probably lived many lives before before this life and had all kinds of hardships…I appreciate this life very much.

About Jews: we are not into fighting, but into spiritual searching and if we have to fight for it, we will, it is in our DNA…
You know, we gave the world Jesus and Karl Marx and had a privilege of not following either one of them.

We gave ourselves freedom of not following them…Freedom of thought. That is the most important to humanity. Without it we are done.

I think that we are eternal seekers…

One of my great grandmothers perished in Gulag,..She was sent there by young Stalin’s regime in 1926, because she believed in Lenin’s “New Economic Policy” and started her own successful business with my grandfather…Here is the explanation where I am coming from in my thoughts about being Jewish.
Being Jewish in Russia is not a matter of religion, but ethnicity, nationality. We never been considered Russians (in this country we are all Americans), always outcast, and it doesn’t matter how much we loved our country, how much we done for it antisemitism prevailed in everything and it always was coming from government down to people.So whatever was wrong: Jews were who cause it. Europe now moves into that territory with Muslims slowly taken over those countries…So people starting to look who’s fault is it? And…Oh how convenient:  Jews is there to blame. And as a result Jewish population started modern exodus to Israel.
Now about religion.
I was brought up as an atheist (my parents did not have a choice in that matter, because that was the way they were brought up.
Any way, it was the scariest part of my childhood and youth to be brought up with belief that we live, we die and that we do not exist anymore…
I was terrified of death since age 3. And that brought me to the path of spiritual search and discoveries ever since I came to USA in 1978 and had full access to all the books I was reading and learning English at the same time. It was not possible in USSR, I mean full access to all books.
I am non-practicing Jew, who strongly believes in intelligent design of the Universe and under Universe I mean other dimensions too…Our souls live forever, we do not die.

For me being a Jew means to belong to a very old and strong tribe, which I a am very proud off: we are people of the Book: great story of our civilization (our present civilization, I believe there were other civilizations before ours).Our Torah (Bible) teaches moral way of life and teaches to search and to ask questions.
In addition, for me Israel is like a lighthouse in the middle of the ocean. It is the place where Jewish children are safe from antisemitism.
Sometimes I feel so much hate toward anti-Semites even some of them nowadays pretend that they just against “Zionists”. It is a primal in me and I cannot change it, I just feel pain of all those Jews, who suffered only because they happen to be born to Jewish parents.

Obama is not a spiritual person and he doesn’t understand importance of  little country Israel to the spiritual well being of our World. For the last 3000 years Jews and Israel had many enemies…and they all gone…and Israel was reborn and even Hebrew language was reborn: “G-d created miracle”, like in song in “Fidler on the Roof”. We are no better then other peoples, but we are different, we have light inside us, which we carry to the rest of the world. I cannot explain it in worlds, it just something inside us, restlessness…

All the oil rich Arab’s land don’t give them that something, that Israel have, that brightness, that light and not only for themselves, but for other nations. And this is my opinion, non-practicing Jew 🙂


3 thoughts on “My thoughts about us, Jewish people, spirituality.

  1. I was raised a Roman Catholic on Long Island’s North Shore in an area where Judaism was the largest religious entity after Catholicism. Back in the mid 60s, my 2 best friends in junior high school were Jewish and I was invited to their homes to share meals. In both homes there were many, mostly black and white, photographs hanging in hallways and I asked Stephen and Neil who the different people were. I’d get the grand tour with each photo explained as to their place in the family and their destiny. After visiting the second of the two homes I was describing my experiences to my mom. I remember relating to her that Jewish people must be sickly. I pointed out that almost all of Neil and Stephen’s aunts, uncles and grand parents were dead. Many of their older cousins and in-laws were dead as well. My mother, taken aback, solemnly told me they probably all died in the Holocaust. I had never asked what anyone had died from, I just assumed it was from disease or accidents … maybe a few from old age although, at the time, all of my grand parents, aunts, uncles, older cousins and in-laws were living and a few great grand parents were still alive. I always relate this story to Holocaust deniers. I am no longer a practicing Catholic and I’ve been on a spiritual quest for a church home. Some Jewish girl needs to recognize me for the great catch that I am and sweep me off my feet and convert me. As long as America stands by Israel we will be a great nation.

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